Welcome to official blog of Good Vibration Games, the studio behind Blind Trust, a two-player cooperative game where a deaf character leads a blind character through an fantasy island using binaural audio cues. Whew, that was a mouthful.

Right now we're prepping for our Independent Games Festival submission for the Game Developer's Conference in 2016. As a studio comprised of 12 students, deadlines are tight and time is short but we love who we work with and we love what we're working on so if anyone was going to pull this off - it would be us! Granted, one large uphill battle at the moment is that our current build is broke *sad trombone*. BUT, we will not be deterred! Thursdays are our long haul days so we adjourned for lunch but will be back on that keyboard grind shortly (I eat fast, what can I say).

Anywho, we figured something should be in this space, even if it's just an introductory hello. So how's it going? What's new with you? Oh whoa - that is a crazy anecdote! Hahaha, you're so clever. I love that we're friends. Catch ya later, buddy.