low ploy

Overcoming Beta Blues

*Dusts off keyboard*

Hello! It's been a hot minute since we've a) posted a blog on this site b) updated anyone via our social media outlets or c) updated the free build on the website. I attribute this to beta blues. We've been in beta since our last big push, i.e. IGF submission in October. Slogging past that to iron out bugs, make some final decisions about gameplay minutiae, and really get into the thick of art revision, has not been our strong suit as a team.

Having said that, after our semester break from the middle of December to the beginning of January, we took a collective deep breath, centered, and have hit the ground running. Our bugs are fewer than ever, our gameplay details are more solidified than ever, and our art direction has never been clearer. Riding high now that these hurdles have been cleared has been a perfect time to upload a new build and get feedback from internet friends!

At the end of last semester, we realized perhaps our biggest roadblock to getting our game played was that it's just real confusing. We need to teach our players to play the game effectively, so the game can communicate how much fun and excitement is there. So, we put in a first pass at a tutorial, in addition to really honing our user interface and player HUDs. With this in place, we're uploading this build and hoping for feedback of how to teach our players more efficiently and effectively in future iterations. Plus, we'd love to hear any other suggestions, complaints, and feedback players have.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we'll hopefully see you back here with another update sooner rather than later.